pma focus 2022 will take place on October 13th 2022 under the title "getting stuff done: project management for everyone!".

High volatility and the ever-increasing complexity of the environment are the rule rather than the exception in the working world today. In the past, one could make a clear distinction between project management activities and line work based on these dynamics. Today, one has to realise that project management skills are also increasingly needed in line functions. In these times of upheaval, we are all forced to implement projects in uncertain contexts. No matter whether it is a project or other task. The skills necessary for professional project management are helpful for all of us to achieve our goals.

At pma focus, we also take a look at "non-project" areas together with experts from different disciplines to see how widespread project management methods have become.

As in the year before the event will take place as a hybrid event (in German language).

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