Are you young and dynamic? Are you already working in project management or seeking to do so? Are you under the age of 35? If so, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll hook you up with the national and international project management community.

pma young crew was set up by pma as a platform especially designed to support young project managers* and people with an interest in project management. We provide you with support as you enter the world of project management with pma young crew events matched to your requirements. Stay up to date with our activities by logging on to facebook or sign up to the pma young crew newsletter to get all the latest news at your convenience - click here to subscribe.

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pma young crew Events

Every year we hold the following event formats at various intervals:

  • pma young crew get2gether
  • pma young crew meets PM experience
  • pma young crew Workshop

The aim of our events is to bring together members and experts via networks*. Further information about pma young crew events can be found under the menu item pma young crew events.


pma young crew Management Board

The pma young crew management board consists of four young crew members, who all assume their positions on a volunteer basis. Amongst others, their responsibilities include the organisation of events, the coordination of marketing activities for the pma young crew or the acquisition of new young crew members.


Michaela Obersriebnig, MSc

Since 2018 Michaela is the chair of the austrian pma young crew. She is an active young crew member for the 4th year now and was a member of the management board in 2017. "The pma youg crew is a network of young and motivated project managers who are early in their careers. Interaction with people of the same mind set and the same interests, as well as the chance to add to the project management know-how is my motivation to be engaged in the young crew." When she is not spending her time at pma or pma young crew events, Michaela is singing in a choir and in an all female trio in Vienna. She is always on the road  (for work and leisure) and you can hardly ever see her "doing nothing". Michaela  studied molecular biology and is working as a Clinical Research Associate / Project Manager for clinical trials. Michaela has already experienced the 2018 motto of the young crew "internationality" as she spent a semester studying in Copenhagen and was working in a laboratory in Seattle for a year. She sees the challenge in project management to motivate a team of different people to work towards a common goal.


Philip Bargiel, BSc, zJPM

"Wrong and right decisions are part of everyday work as a project manager." Since 2016 Philip is a part of the pma young crew and since 2018 a part of the young crew management board. In his opinion the young crew helps with facing the decisions a project manager has to make. Together with the management board he is responsible for the financial planning throughout the year, organizing events and planning of the young crew's marketing activities. His hobbies include dancing, playing tennis and foreign languages. Philip is working in IT governance and controls the project portfolio for international IT-security projects in a globally operating audit organiziation called Deloitte. As a result, he decided to start a graduate study program in information systems management. This enables him a better understanding and a scientific analysis in project prioritization theories. According to Philip the exciting thing about project management is to find a common language and decisions for new and unexplored dynamics, to meet goals and thereby create added value.


Max Doblinger, MSc, zJPM

Max is an active member of the pma young crew since 2016 and part of the pma young crew management board 2018. He supports the board by organizing events with companies (pma young crew meets PM experience) and the pma young crew workshop. During his studies he collected international experience in China and Ireland. For Max the greatest challenge in project management is combining the different stakeholder interests and interpretations into a common goal and to adapt to change. In his professional life Max combines project management in software development with quality management and cutting edge research in human stem cell biotechnology. 


Thomas Weiß, BA, zJPM

Thomas is part of the pma young crew since 2015 and he's part of the young crew management board since 2016. Together with his colleages he's planning events and organizing the young crew's marketing. THomas regularly posts information about the young crew on facebook, to keep in touch with all members and stakeholders of the pma young crew. Besides his work at the pma he studied project management and IT at the University of Applied Science BFI Vienna. Thanks to a semester abroad he was able to gather further knowledge about project management and business management at BCIT in British Columbia, Canada. Thomas is also working as a project manager at BEKO, where he's managing IT and SAP projects.