Project management has established itself as an indispensable instrument for the creation of value in companies. Especially in times of rapid technological developments, projects are optimal as a modern and transparent form of organization ("temporary company"). Their broad application leads to both specialization and generalization tendencies at all ends of the spectrum. Quality standards are therefore indispensable for project managers.

IPMA® certifications are a globally recognized quality criteria for professional project management. PM competence is certified at four different levels, from beginners to senior experts, and certification number in companies and various organizations (non-profit, non-governmental) are increasing.


Which certification level corresponds to my qualification and project experience?

In the following graphic - IPMA® Four-Level-Certification (4-L-C) Model - you can see which certification level currently corresponds to your expertise and experience as a project manager. Depending on your level of experience, you can enter any IPMA® level directly, the individual levels do not necessarily build on each other.

For certification at all IPMA® levels, knowledge and experience in three competence areas (context competence elements, personal and social competence elements, technical competence elements) are reflected and evaluated at the corresponding certification level.


Your path to certification

Attention: In the certification briefing you will receive important information for the preparation of the report as well as for the course of the certification day. In levels C, B and A, participation in the certification briefing before submitting the report is therefore mandatory for the start of the certification examination.


Certification level

Here you get to the information pages of the individual certification levels.