Consent or declaration of consent under data protection law for participation in the pma certification programme (independent certification body of pma - Projekt Management Austria)


I hereby declare my consent to the collection, storage and processing of my data within the framework of the admission procedure and my participation in the certification programme of pma (independent certification body of pma - Projekt Management Austria).                                                                                                                                            

In particular, this concerns the following information: Name, first name, maiden name, title, date of birth, place of birth, nationality, membership number, address, gender, identification number, private and official contact data (telephone number, e-mail address), information about my employer (including name, address and contact data of my employer), information about my qualification (in particular information about projects, references, my CV) and information about my assessment of competences according to the required documents, as well as information about references (confirmation of project activities by persons with company name, name, function, telephone number, e-mail address).        

In all other respects the consent is valid for the data, which are evident from the registration forms and the documents of pma - Projekt Management Austria, requested in the certification process.                                                                                                                                      

I also declare my consent that my aforementioned data will be passed on to the assessors who are entrusted with my admission procedure for certification as well as with the implementation of my certification procedure. Furthermore, I agree that pma - Projekt Management Austria may forward my name (first and last name), the certification level and the number of my certificate to IPMA® (IPMA® International Project Management Association, for listing in the Database of Certified Professionals. Furthermore, I agree that pma - Projekt Management Austria may publish my name (first and last name) as well as the certification level of my certificate on the website of pma - Projekt Management Austria - in the section Certified Project Managers with valid certificate.                                                                                                                                   

Consent is given to pma - Projekt Management Austria (independent certification body of pma - Projekt Management Austria), Türkenstrasse 25/2/21 1090 Vienna, Tel.: +43 3192921 - 0, as the person responsible.

I have been informed that I can revoke this consent for the publication of my data at IPMA® and pma at any time free of charge.                                                                       

The revocation of my consent can be made by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .               

In addition, I have been informed of the rights to which I am entitled, in particular my rights to information, correction and deletion of the data collected about me as well as my right to object to data processing and disclosure of the data.

It is not intended that my data will be passed on to third parties (with the exception of the bodies named in this consent) which are collected as part of the admission procedure and my participation in the certification programme of pma (independent certification body of pma - Projekt Management Austria).                                                  

In addition, I am aware that I have the right to appeal to the competent supervisory authority.

I hereby declare that I voluntarily give my consent in accordance with the above information and explanations in order to participate in the admission procedure and certification programme of pma - Projekt Management Austria.

The candidate confirms that his/her details are correct and expressly consents to the electronic processing and storage of his/her data (personal data, examination documents, etc.) by pma and by bodies expressly authorised to do so by pma.