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Vanessa Salm will give a presentation entitled "From KM to PM" on the topic of knowledge management.

Knowledge management is currently a major topic among managers, especially in the context of project management. The ability to digitally secure project management knowledge in order to be able to scale it and use it profitably will play an essential role in the competitiveness of companies in the future. Knowledge Factor5 has recognized this issue and, in collaboration with pma, has developed an innovative concept for digital knowledge management in project management: "From KM to PM". 

The concept, in the form of an Atlassian Confluence or MS SharePoint-based tool, shows how project managers can identify critical PM knowledge, save it digitally and make it quickly and easily retrievable. Knowledge is saved in the form of state-of-the-art, quickly and easily consumable "knowledge nuggets". Metadata makes knowledge quickly and easily retrievable for project managers and connects related knowledge with each other. The focus is, among other things, on the reuse of lessons learned and best practices, as well as the constant further development of PM knowledge in a dynamic environment. The concept has a proven effect on the improvement of PM KPIs, as demonstrated by a measurement tool:

- Onboardings become more efficient

- Error repetitions in PM are reduced 

- Successes in projects can be multiplied

- Project sanity is improved, negative project KPIs are reduced

- The efficiency of the project managers is increased

- The number of projects carried out annually is increased

The concept offers advantages especially for larger companies: An expert search makes PM experts transparent and contactable by means of a skill finder. A PM Training Academy trains PM standards. Furthermore, the concept includes a persistent PM FAQ area, which answers all questions in PM. The concept is rounded off with an Ideas Lab, in which employees develop ideas for the continuous improvement of PM standards and processes in co-creation, right through to implementation.

About the speaker

Dr. Vanessa Salm lives and breathes digital knowledge management. As part of her doctoral thesis at the University of Innsbruck, she researched and validated a new concept for digital knowledge management: Knowledge Factor5. A digital transformation model from "offline" knowledge management to entirely digitized knowledge management in five phases is the focus of her work. As Chief Knowledge Officer at Porsche Informatik, she takes knowledge management in the technology sector to a new level. As a start-up founder, she supports company efficiency along the value chain through the targeted use of knowledge. As a certified pma/IPMA® project manager, she focuses in particular on digital knowledge transfer from projects in order to avoid future mistakes and repeat successes.


06.00 pm - Start registration

06.40 pm - Start lecture

10:00 pm - End of the event


The event will be held in german.

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