Success story

For organizing the event series "pma young crew meets PM experience", the pma young crew Management Board was honored by IPMA® (IPMA® Young Crew Management Board) in 2017. The internationally awarded prize is for "Success Stories".

It was awarded for the event series "pma young crew meets PM experience", where well-known companies invite members of the pma young crew to get to know their respective PM offices and project management departments. In addition to best practices in the industry, new trends are also communicated here. The young project managers can not only use this opportunity to make important contacts, but also to get a first impression of potential employers.

"This is an award for a concept that has existed since the early days of the austrian young crew and has been continued by all management boards. It is therefore actually an award for all young crew boards of the last, meanwhile already 11 years!" Michaela Obersriebnig, Chair of the pma young crew management board, is pleased.



The success story of this event series is shared with the network of all young crews and should serve as an inspiration. The pma young crew management board is pleased with the award and thanks the former young crew boards for the idea and the members of the young crew for making corporate events so well received.

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